Garage Door Repair Toronto

When you need Garage Door Repair in Toronto, turn to our trusted and experienced professional garage door repair technicians. Our technicians are qualified to provide every aspect of garage door service. We are the local specialist everyone turns to for installation, repair, and maintenance options. Our experts always provide high-quality results at very reasonable prices. We service all major garage door brands and we offer the best selection of replacement parts in the area. Our years of on the job experience, specialized training, and polished skills make us the number one choice for reliable service.

Dependable Garage Door Repair Mississauga

When your garage door breaks down you don’t want to wait days for a repairman to arrive. We offer dependable Garage Door Repair in Toronto. We have forged a tight bond with our local community. We know that you want a company that is willing to rush to your rescue in your time of need. Our response times are extremely fast and when we get there we always do the job right. There is not a part on your garage door system we cannot fix. You can call our experts to replace a broken cable or fix a bent track. We carry an assortment of these parts on our truck to ensure complete and accurate service.

You can depend on us to come out and service your garage door opener or replace a garage door spring. We will replace damaged panels on your garage door and service remotes as well. Our technicians know how to fix or replace any part in the overall operation of your garage.

Installation and Maintenance Specialists

We will install all types of garage door brands. Our team has installed countless doors over the years and we are very detail oriented. We install automatic garage door openers and garage door springs as well. When you choose an opener it will come with a screw, chain or belt drive motor. If you want a quiet operation, go with the belt driven model.

The springs on your garage may be the most dangerous to service. These products are wound very tight to ensure the tension needed to balance the huge doors on your garage. These springs come in 2 basic types, the extension or the torsion. Extension springs come in a pair just like your car brakes and is mounted on both sides of the door. The torsion spring is an individual product that is mounted above the door. It takes an experienced and qualified professional to service these items safely and accurately.

We offer a variety of maintenance packages designed to keep your garage door system in excellent shape. Place your garage in the hands of a professional fully committed to their craft. Turn to our team for reliable Garage Door Repair in Toronto.

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